"Jason Watts' work could only have evolved out of an intimate love and understanding of Americana. Hi paintings portray a complex, dynamic world that is grounded in the midwestern landscape, and uses nostalgic references to blend past, future, present. Though his paintings have universal relevance his choice to focus on the Midwestern American city has given his work a narrative story like presence. His recent work especially references the Chicago imagist Ed Pashcke, but he see his work as a unique window to the past. The new work balances two camps of his earlier work in one, figurative and urban landscape. With a fondness for atomic era neon signs, amusement parks, street signage, and a general optimism and nostalgia that evokes an alternate pop world."

Upcoming Shows:

Art Prize, Grand Rapids, MI. Sept. 23, 2017, Showing at The B.O.B.

Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI. Feb-March, 2016

Katie Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee Spring 2016

Non- Fiction Gallery, Savannah GA.

Craig Flinner Gallery, Baltimore Md. 2004-2008